The Black Slim Shady - Bosanski prevod - The Game 「Tekst」

Hey, grandma. I'm still out here makin' my Uber runs. I'll be home soon. I just got one more pick up, kinda close to 8 Mile. Okay, okay, love you too

[Intro: The Game]
G-G-G-G, Shady (G-G). Shady Aftermath (Yeah). Me and Hit-Boy back on our shit, let's go. Yeah (G-G)

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The Black Slim Shady 「Tekst」 - The Game

Hey, grandma. I'm still out here makin' my Uber runs. I'll be home soon. I just got one more pick up, kinda close to 8 Mile. Okay, okay, love you too

[Intro: The Game]
G-G-G-G, Shady (G-G). Shady Aftermath (Yeah). Me and Hit-Boy back on our shit, let's go. Yeah (G-G)

[Chorus: The Game]
I don't think they know who they fuckin' with
Pull that truck around, niggas is duckin' clips
Hi, I'm the Black Slim Shady
I unpack the heat with my oven mitts
I tip-toe around in my Chucks and shit
Hi, I'm the Black Slim Shady

[Verse 1: The Game]
It's Game, sick in the brain
Sick as the day that I came
Hennessy runnin' through my veins, I load up the clip and aim
Sick of you niggas talkin' like you won't get wet in the rain
Now I'm singin' Frank Ocean, and you get hit with this Novocaine
Sick and tired of niggas, bitches, and critics, they all the same
Lame games they playin', lyin', tryin' me for my name
I stick my dick in your Black ass
Shallow bitch on the show, just to lick the tip it's ridiculous, she watchin' it grow
Cross eyed-ed, crosshairs on my enemies
If you cross the street, you run into me, you crash in to a light bolt
Now you crawlin' out the driver side like a centipede
And me, I'm finna be on a jet to the Phillipines

Spill the beans, kick the Kool-Aid, overtell, God don't intervene
While I'm smashin' Saweetie pussy to smithereens
It's the G-A-ficky-ficky-M, paint my face, I'm him
Puttin' this big black dick in your skims

[Chorus: The Game]
I don't think they know who they fuckin' with
Pull that truck around, niggas is duckin' clips
Hi, I'm the Black Slim Shady
I unpack the heat with my oven mitts
I tip-toe around in my Chucks and shit
Hi, I'm the Black Slim Shady

[Verse 2: The Game]

I killed Dr. Dre in my basement last night
I was wasted last night, I went ape shit last night
Chopped his body up, and forget where I placed it last night
Had a slice of humble pie, I couldn't taste it last night (Hahaha)
Lost my taste and my smell, I got Omarion
Me and Dr. Fauci went to Crazy Girls and then we got our party on
So fee-fi-fum, I'm with 40 goin' dumb
Not E-40, the other 40, I'm with Canadians in Drake's house
Havin' a stakeout
And I'm so tired of orderin' takeout, what's beef?
Beef is when you tell the chef to bring them steaks out
So let's play house with the Dracos and AR's
Stay the fuck up off of Stanley grass and take a shit in they yard
And my dick stay hard, when I see Lizzo on the internet

Here it is another BBL. And my dick get little on the internet
My intellect is NFT's and Cryptos, I can never be a Crip though
I tip-toe with my red rag around six O's

[Interlude 2: Uber Driver & The Game]
Chuck? Yeah. Hey, man, let's get you out the rain
Good lookin', how's your night goin', bro?
I'm cool, man, you don't need that mask
Nobody cares about that shit anymore
You got a charger up there with you?
Yeah, for sure, it reaches all the way back there too
Good lookin', homie. Ayo, I really fuck with that starter cap, that shit hard as fuck
Crazy story behind it, my brother Stan, rest in peace
What? He gave me this hat twenty-two years ago

Damn. It's my favorite. Can I see that shit for a minute?
Uh, yeah, sure. Oh, shit, this motherfucker autographed and everything
Who signed it for you? Eminem. He used to be like this rap God
Man, me and my brother praised him
Back when I was little, I don't really like any of his new stuff
Woah, wait, I know where we're goin', wait, why do you have a gu—?
Yo, shut the fuck up. Ayy, man, I'm drivin', I'll get you there wait
I'll take you, I'm a fan, that's cool
Stop lookin' back, stop lookin' back here
It's cool dude, man, you don't need to do this
Focus on the fuckin' road
Okay. Yo, come on, man. Alright. Drive. Alright, alright. Drive. We'll go, we'll go. Shut the fuck up. Alright

[Verse 3: The Game]

Ask Dre
All I got is my word, my dick and my MAC 10
One thing you can never have is my motherfuckin' Black... skin
This ain't no suit that I wore
This ain't a mansion, a hangin' plaque, this ain't no stupid award
So, oh, he goes platinum. And, oh, I'm on the 'Math with him
He got all the Blackest friends. He wants to be African, me
Left for dead on the Dr.'s Advocate. Dre never executive-produced it, I just imagined it
Oh, here goes the magic tricks. Candy shops and the magic stick
DeAngelo Bailey got in shape to whoop your ass again
You depressed, you just maskin' it. You pop a Adderall, a Vicodin, and a Aspirin. But the math wasn't mathin' in
So pass me the torch 'cause the torture in my mind
With the voice that defied rhymes will force the blind eye
To see that I was in the white Rolls Royce with five .9's

When you was pretendin' to be the white Royce da 5'9". I just crossed a fine line
Might just force the white guy to call D12 so he can be the pork they grind, swine
And the biggest rapper in Detroit, that award is Sean Don
So uncork the Chardonnay and stick my fork in white wine
I never heard you in a club, I never heard you in a bar
Eleven albums and ten never got played inside of my car
I'd rather listen to Snitch9ine like sixty-nine times
And participate in sixty-nines with sixty-nine nuns than listen to you
You're a Karen, call the cops, tell 'em it's a Black man on your block
With a Glock and he got it cocked. And the tattoos on his face is a star and a teardrop
He standin' on a teardrop and he says he can feel Pac in the air
Like Phil Collins, listen to him, he still wildin'
(Ah, Epstein chased me around Epstein island). So silence, I'm—, I'm thinkin', uh, mm, yeah
Nothin' rhymes with orange! So ficky-ficky Slim Shady, please, stand up

Shoot the fade with me, I'd love to put these hands up
I could .40 Glock you, unarmed. Drop the world on your head with one arm
Dear Slim, Hailie's with me and she's unharmed for now (Dad, I'm really scared)
These are the deepest secrets, I keep and I be on defence
Cause G's ain't supposed to fold up. With all the facades I hold up inside of my mind, I froze up
I'm cold as COVID, Ebola, the Spanish flu, and Corona
The Zika virus, pneumonia is deep inside my persona
On each side of my shoulders is demons chasin' Jehovah
The renegade or the soldier, I really gave it to Hova (How it feel?)
Twenty-three years, still ain't penetratin' the culture
You are not, top five, in mine, B.I.G or Pac eyes
No André, no Nas, stop tellin' white lies. Sniff a white line, this the right time. I Suge Knight Vanilla Ice, I'm not Mr. Nice Guy

[Bridge: The Game]

I'm crazy (I'm crazy, I'm crazy) I'm crazy (I'm crazy, I'm crazy) I'm not Mr. Nice Guy. I'm crazy (I'm crazy, I'm crazy) Dre know. I'm crazy (I'm crazy, I'm crazy) Way to fuckin' go

[Verse 4: The Game]
You done pissed off Jimmy, Universal, and Interscope
Know, I got Jimmy, Slim, 50, and Universal in a scope
('Cause I'm shady) Shadier than him. (I'm crazy) Crazier than Kim
So when the Bat signal goes up in the clouds above the buildings
I hope you live long enough to see heroes turn into villains
Oh, you think I'm a Joker? Well, riddle me this
You love you mother? Well, I'm cleanin' out your closet for you and your half-brother
And I told you when I was in Detroit, I wanted to go to 8 Mile
Cause when I was little to get some M&M's, I had to walk eight miles
But you wouldn't leave the studio, your life is on loop
That's why I'm doggy in style, 'cause niggas rather bump Snoop

And I'm a lyrical .50 cal. Leave his brain all thin, wind, the games all endin'
The chainsaw, vrinn, vrinn. Hello? Hello? Pagin' Dr. Dre? He ain't got a lot to say
But since Curtis always do, let him write the rhymes for you
Tell him to clip the wings on my butterfly tatt' and force 'em back in the cocoon
Now does he still rap or did he have a change of heart too?
The chick on the show wasn't pickin' me and Mariah wasn't pickin' you
So the cannons is blam-blammin' and if it jam then I unjam it
And wipe down my stripper pole with the hair grease from your bandana
You wish you was Santana or Cam in them ten Jays
Durag for ten years and never had one wave
And I was that runaway slave, that they buried in that one grave
And some say he would back to haunt Slim Shady one day
Now I'm here, hope you ready, this is not mom's spaghetti
This your dad was twenty-two when he ate lil' Debbie

He takes the cake. 'Cause she was only fifteen, so how could one not sympathize with her havin' you as a teen?
She had to lose herself in the moment, give up her dreams
Just to see her son out here lookin' like a wigger in jeans (Yeah)
Little Marshall Mathers. Mad 'cause nobody thinks that little Marshall matters
That sentiment's hard to gather. Let's get this shit all together, the picture was ripped, I fixed it
But none with me, you, and 50, let's stitch this shit all together
You like it, Slim? I made it just for you
I even kidnapped Stan's brother and baited him here for you
But you would just say, "No". Probably leave us in the blistering cold
God made you damn near perfect, he just missed your soul
You ain't the shell of who you used to be
And after you, it's me, on the Uzi spree like it's two of me
And Matthew's dead now, it's just you and me
The sweatpants, the dad hat, durag and no jewelry

Mm, is that cultural appropriation
Ask Paul if it's even appropriate for me to make that statement, rude of me
How your day went? Did you re-dye your beard or get another face lift or do shrooms in your mom's basement
Until you nod and see spaceships
And the aliens inside it come and tell you your talent's wasted
Then you wake up and you ain't shit
I know you fiendin' for a Dr. Dre bass hit
How ironic, an addict in a basement
And now I chronic, 'cause I done had it with the fake shit
You never understood ebonics or a cadence
I press everything like a weight bench
And every time the plate hits, you off another playlist
Sorry, it ain't workin' out. Niggas shootin' [billy?] blanks (It's my winner's speech)
While I'm here, I should really thank MGK, UGK, Tech N9ne, Uzi spray

My other twelve personalities wasn't really in the mood today
Hi, kids, here's somethin' funny, let's all say, "Nigga" once
Crashed the car, hit and run. Jumped out, hid the gun
Your fans want a rap god, well, fuck it, I'ma give him one
I came to put Slim in a box but he already live in one

[Outro: The Game]
Mr. Shady, don't be shady. Pick that pen up, don't be lazy. Call up Dre and get that Dre beat. Jump off stage if shit get crazy. Mr. Shady, don't be shady. Pick that pen up, don't be lazy. Call up Dre and get that Dre beat. Jump off stage if shit get crazy

The Black Slim Shady - Bosanski prevod - The Game 「Tekst」

Hej, bako. Još sam napolju, makiram svoje uber trčanje. Uskoro ću biti kod kuće. Upravo sam dobio još jedan, nekako je blizu 8 milja. Ok, ok, volim i te

[INTRO: Igra]
G-G-G-G, sjenovita (G-G). Shady AfterMath (da). Ja i udarim-dečko na naše sranje, idemo. Da (G-G)

[Chorus: Igra]
Mislim da ne znaju ko se zajebava
Povucite taj kamion okolo, crnjaci su patki kopče
Zdravo, ja sam crna tanka sjenasta
Raspakiram toplinu sa mojom pećnicom
Ja se vrtim u svojim stezanjima i sranjem
Zdravo, ja sam crna tanka sjenasta

[Verse 1: Igra]
Igra je, bolesna u mozgu
Bolestan kao dan kad sam došao
Hennessy trči kroz moje vene, učitam kopču i ciljam
Bolesna od vas crnjaka, kao da se nećete mokriti na kiši
Sad pjevam Frank Ocean, a vi ste pogođeni ovim novokainom

Bolesni i umorni od crnjaka, kuja i kritičara, svi su isti
Hlame igre koje igraju, lagano, pokušaj me za svoje ime
Zabivam kurac u tvoju crnu guzicu
Plitka kučka na emisiji, samo da ližem savjet, smiješno je, gleda da raste
Poprečno očiju, crossheirs na mojim neprijateljima
Ako pređete ulicu, naletite na mene, srušite se u svjetlosni vijak
Sad se provlačite sa vozačem poput centipede
A ja, ja sam Finna na mlazu do philipina
Izliječiti pasulj, udarati kool-aim, pretvoriti, Bog ne intervenira
Dok sam smašin saweetie maca u Smithereens
To je g-a-fick-fick-m, slika mi lice, ja sam on
Puti ovaj veliki crni kurac u tvojim skimima

[Chorus: Igra]

Mislim da ne znaju ko se zajebava
Povucite taj kamion okolo, crnjaci su patki kopče
Zdravo, ja sam crna tanka sjenasta
Raspakiram toplinu sa mojom pećnicom
Ja se vrtim u svojim stezanjima i sranjem
Zdravo, ja sam crna tanka sjenasta

[Verse 2: Igra]
Sinoć sam ubio dr. Dre u svom podrumu
Sinoć sam izgubljen, sinoć sam otišao od Ape
Sjeckani tijelom, i zaboravi gdje sam ga stavio sinoć
Imao je krišku skromne pite, nisam ga mogao probati sinoć (hahaha)
Izgubio sam ukus i moj miris, imam Omarion
Ja i dr. Fauci otišli smo u lude djevojke i tada smo dobili našu zabavu

Dakle, naknada-fi-fum, ja sam sa 40 glupim glupom
Ne E-40, ostalih 40, ja sam s Kanađanima u Drakeovoj kući
Havin 'Skeckeout
I toliko sam umorna od naručivanja, šta je govedina?
Govedina je kad kažete kuharu da im izvuče odreske
Pa se igrajmo kuća sa Dracos i Arom
Ostanite jebeni od Stanley Grage i sranje u dvorištu
A moj kurac ostani naporno, kad vidim Lizzo na internetu
Evo još jednog bbl. A moj kurac se malo malo na Internetu
Moj intelekt je NFT i Cryptos, nikad ne mogu biti crip
Ja sam vrtoglav sa crvenim krpom oko šest o

[Interlude 2: Uber Driver & The Game]
Chuck? Da. Hej, čovječe, hajde da te izvučemo kišu

Dobro pogledaj, kako ti ide noć, brate?
Super sam, čovječe, ne treba ti maska
Niko više nije briga za to sranje
Imaš punjač tamo s tobom?
Da, sigurno, stiže do kraja i tamo
Dobro izgled, homie. Ayo, stvarno se zajebavam s tom starterpom, to sranje teško kao jebote
Luda priča iza toga, moj brat Stan, počivaj u miru
Šta? Dao mi je ovaj šešir prije dvadeset i dvije godine
Prokletstvo. To mi je najdraže. Mogu li vidjeti to sranje na minut?
Uh, da, naravno. Oh, sranje, ovaj jebač je autogramirao i sve
Ko je potpisao za tebe? Eminem. Bio je poput ovog rap Boga
Čovječe, ja i moj brat ga su ga pohvalili
Povratak kad sam bio mali, ne volim baš njegove nove stvari
Woah, čekaj, znam gdje idemo, čekaj, zašto imaš gu-?

Yo, umukni. Ayy, čovječe, vozim, ja ću te tamo čekati
Ja ću te povesti, ventilator, to je u redu
Prestani gledati, prestani gledati ovdje
Cool coved, čovječe, ne trebaš to raditi
Fokusirajte se na jebeni put
U redu. Joj, hajde, čoveče. U redu. Vožnja. U redu, u redu. Vožnja. Idemo, idemo. Umukni. U redu

Pitajte dre
Sve što imam je moja riječ, moj kurac i moj mac 10
Jedna stvar koju nikad ne možete imati je moja jebena crna ... koža ...
Ovo nije tužljivo koje sam nosio
Ovo nije dvorci, visećih plaka, ovo nije glupa nagrada
Dakle, oh, on ide platinum. I, oh, ja sam na matematici s njim

Dobio je sve nacrtanje prijatelja. Želi biti afrički, ja
Ostavljen za mrtve za advokata dr. Dre nikad ga nije izvršio - samo sam ga zamislio
Oh, evo čarobnih trikova. Trgovine slatkiša i čarobni štap
Deangelo Bailey je dobio formu da ti opet dupe
Depresio si, samo maskiraš. Pop popijete adderall, vicodin i aspirin. Ali matematika nije bila matenja
Zato mi prenesite baklja, jer mi u mislima o mučenju
Sa glasom koji će prkosili rime prisiliti slijepo oko
Da vidim da sam u bijeloj rolama Royce sa pet .9
Kad ste se pretvarali da budete bijeli Royce da 5'9 ". Upravo sam prešao finu liniju
Moglo bi samo prisiliti bijelog momka da pozove D12 kako bi mogao biti svinjetina koju griču, svinju
I najveći reper u Detroitu, ta je nagrada Sean Don
Tako da osudite chardonnay i zalijepite moju viljušku u bijelom vinu
Nikad te nisam čuo u klubu, nikad te nisam čuo u baru
Jedanaest albuma i deset nikada nisu igrali u mom automobilu

Radije bih slušao sytch9ine kao šezdeset devet puta
I sudjelujte u šezdeset nizu sa šezdeset i devet sestre nego slušati vas
Ti si karen, pozovite policajce, recite im da je crnac na vašem bloku
Sa Glokom i on ga je shvatio. A tetovaže na licu su zvijezda i suza
On stoji na suzu i kaže da može osjetiti PAC u zraku
Kao Phil Collins, slušaj ga, još uvijek divlja
(Ah, Epstein me je progonio oko ostrva Epstein). Dakle, tišina, ja ..., mislim, uh, mm, da
Ništa ne rimova sa narandžastom! Tako ficky-ficky tanka sjena, molim te, ustani
Pucaj izblijedjelo sa mnom, volio bih stavljati ove ruke
Mogao bih .40 Glock te, nenaoružan. Baci svijet na glavu jednom rukom
Dragi vitki, Hailie je sa mnom i za sada je neozdravljena (tata, stvarno se bojim)
Ovo su najdublji tajne, zadržavam se i ja budem na odbrani
Jer g nije trebao sklopiti. Sa svim fasadama držim se u glavi, smrznuo sam se
Hladno mi je kao uvidna, ebola, španska gripa i korona

Zika virus, pneumonija je duboko u mojoj osobi
Sa svake strane mojih ramena su demoni Chasin 'Jehova
Renegade ili vojnik, stvarno sam ga dao na Hovi (kako se osjeća?)
Dvadeset i tri godine, još uvijek ne penetratin 'kulturu
Niste, prvih pet, u moju, b.i.g ili pac oči
Ne André, ne nas, prestani da pričaš Bijela laži. Njuškaju bijelu liniju, ovo pravo vrijeme. Naguran sam Knight Vanilla Ice, nisam gospodin Najs

[Most: igra]
Luda sam (luda sam, luda sam) luda sam (luda sam, nisam lud) Nisam gospodin Najs. Luda sam (luda sam, luda sam) znam. Luda sam (luda sam, luda sam) da jebem

Izvrsnili ste se s Jimmyja, univerzalnog i interskopa
Znam, imam Jimmyja, tanki, 50 i univerzalan u opsegu
('Jer sam sjenoviti) Shajier od njega. (Luda sam) luđač od kim

Pa kad signal šišmiša ide u oblake iznad zgrada
Nadam se da živite dovoljno dugo da vidite heroje pretvoriti u negativce
Oh, misliš li da sam joker? Pa, zagonevaj mi ovo
Voliš te majko? Pa, čistim tvoj ormar za tebe i tvoj polubrata
I rekao sam ti kad sam bio u Detroitu, htio sam otići na 8 milja
Uzrok Kad sam bio mali da dobijem neke M & M, morao sam hodati osam milja
Ali ne biste napustili studio, vaš život je na petlji
Zato sam doggljiv u stilu, jer crnjac radije nalepni snoop
A ja sam lirski .50 cal. Ostavite svoj mozak sve tanko, vjetar, igre koje se sve završiju
Motorna pila, Vrinn, Vrinn. Zdravo? Zdravo? Page 'Dr. Dre? On nema puno za reći
Ali otkad Curtis uvijek radi, neka napiše rime za tebe
Recite mu da isjecka krila na moju leptir tattu 'i prisiljavaju ih nazad u kokonu
Sad još uvijek rap ili je i on imao promjenu srca?
Pilić na showu nije bio picao mene i Mariah te ne bi izabrala

Dakle, topovi su blam-blammin 'i ako ga zaglavi, onda sam to jednostavno
I obrišite moj striptizerski stup s mastima kose iz vaše bandane
Želite da ste santana ili kamera u njima deset jaysa
Durag deset godina i nikad nije imao jedan talas
I bio sam taj bijedan rob, da su sahranili u tom grobu
A neki kažu da će se jednog dana vratiti u progoni Tan Shady
Sad sam ovdje, nadam se da ste spremni, ovo nisu mamine špagete
Ovo je tvoj otac imao dvadeset i dva kad je jeo lil 'debbie
On uzima tortu. Jer je bila samo petnaest, pa kako se neko ne može suosjećati s njom kao tinejdžer?
Morala je u ovom trenutku izgubiti sebe, odstupiti se od svojih snova
Samo da vidim kako je njen sin izlazi ovde poput perike u trapericama (da)
Mala Marshall Mathers. Lud zato što niko ne misli da je malog maršala
Taj se osjećaj teško okupiti. Donemo ovo sranje zajedno, slika je rastrgana, popravio sam je
Ali nema sa mnom, ti, i 50, dajmo ovo sranje

Sviđa ti se, vitki? Učinio sam to samo za tebe
Čak sam oteo Stanov brat i ovdje ga je mamio za tebe
Ali samo biste rekli: "Ne". Verovatno nas ostavljaju u blistavoj hladnoći
Bog te je prokleto u blizini savršene, samo je propustio tvoju dušu
Nisi ljuska onoga ko si nekada bio
I nakon tebe, to sam ja, na Uzi Spree-u kao da su me dvoje
A Matthew je sada mrtav, samo si ti i ja
Duksevi, šešir tate, Durag i bez nakita
Mm, je li to kulturno odobrenje
Pitajte Paula ako mi je čak prikladno da napravim tu izjavu, nepristojno od mene
Kako je otišao tvoj dan? Jeste li se ponovo bojili bradu ili ste dobili još jedno podizanje lica ili napravite sparele u podrumu vaše mame
Dok ne klimnete i vidite svemirske brodove
A vanzemaljci iznutra dolaze i kažu ti da je tvoj talent izgubljen
Onda se probudiš i ti nisi sranje

Znam da si fiendin 'za pogodak doktora Drea Bassa
Kako ironično, ovisnik u podrumu
A sada sam hroničan, jer sam to uradio sa lažnim sranjem
Nikada niste razumjeli ebonika ili kadence
Pritisnem sve poput klupe za težinu
I svaki put kada ploča pogodi, ti sa još jednog liste reprodukcije
Izvini, ne radi. Crnjaci pucaju [Billy?] Blanke (to je govor mog pobjednika)
Dok sam ovdje, stvarno bih trebao zahvaliti MGK, UGK, Tech N9ne, Uzi sprej
Moje ostale dvanaest ličnosti danas nisu bili raspoloženi
Zdravo, djeca, evo nešto smiješno, da li sve kažemo, "crnjo" jednom
Srušio auto, udario i trčao. Iskočio, sakrio pištolj
Vaši ventilatori žele rep Božje, dobro, jebi se, dajem mu jedan
Došao sam da stavim tanku u kutiju, ali on već živi u jednom

[Outro: Igra]
Gospodine Shady, nemojte biti sjenovita. Izaberite tu olovku, nemojte biti lijeni. Pozovite dre i steknite tu tuku. Skočite s pozornice ako se sranje ludi. Gospodine Shady, nemojte biti sjenovita. Izaberite tu olovku, nemojte biti lijeni. Pozovite dre i steknite tu tuku. Skočite s pozornice ako se sranje ludi